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entropy defined;


cophine AU. felix drags his friend delphine to a nightclub and she’s so not a nightclub person but… delphine pov. 


Your area of expertise is not clubland as Felix would say, is not dancing or grinding or melting to ambient music that pulsates much like that of a heart valve. That’s - that’s literally all you can think about; medical information, your dissertation that you should so absolutely be working on right now, the possibility of the lab being open this late. Your mind is wandering everywhere except the place it’s actually at, which happens to be some nightclub in downtown Minneapolis.

You honestly don’t know how Felix convinced you to come.

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  "we need a sequel. please. please!"

ha, you never now! thanks so much for the interest!

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Meet The Woman (Besides Tatiana Maslany) Who Plays Every Single “Orphan Black” Clone: Kathryn Alexandre
— There’s nine of you.
— No! There’s only one of me!


Dr. Frederick Chilton in Futamono

I am grateful that I have trouble digesting animal proteins, as the last meals I have shared with Hannibal Lecter have all been salads.

Make me choose ▪  Asha Greyjoy or Meera Reed

  "the cophine club fic was amazing!!!"

you’re amazing, too!!! (thanks so much, though!!) 

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